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3 782-745 -- the time when amos spoke assyria was under duress from the northern kingdom of urartu which pushed assyria down from the north, northwest, and northeast 4 syria was freed up to deal with israel and entered into drawn-out battles to regain gilead, and bashan 5. The book of amos is a prophetic book of the hebrew bible largely dating to the 8th century bce and considered to be scripture by modern-day jews and christians. The book of amos is attributed to him life prophet amos as depicted by gustave doré before becoming a prophet, amos was a sheep herder and a sycamore fig . Book of amos by ken raggio god uses ordinary people greatly god specializes in using ordinary people amos was the first prophet after the kingdom of israel was .

The purpose of amos’s prophecy is to awaken israel and its surrounding nations to the fact that the nation is both responsible and accountable for its sins his theme then, is national accountability for national sins. The book of amos clearly indicates that these are his words and it even starts out by saying, “the words of amos, who was among the shepherds of tekoa, which he saw concerning israel in the days . The book of amos 112 likes a blog about religion and it's relation to ancient history, literature, philosophy, theology, psychology, politics and.

The words of amos, who was among the shepherds of tekoa, which he saw concerning israel in the days of uzziah king of judah and in the days of jeroboam the son of joash, king of israel, two years b. The book of amos is one of the least understood in the holy scriptures it is a prophecy for the period just ahead of us, a prophecy dealing with a specific two-year span of time just prior to the second advent of christ. Read the book of amos online study scripture verses with commentary, concordances, and use highlighting, underlining, take notes in the bible. Previous book previous chapter read the full chapter next chapter next book 1 the words of amos, one of the shepherds of tekoa—the vision he saw concerning israel two years before the earthquake, when uzziah was king of judah and jeroboam son of jehoash a was king of israel 2 he said: “the lord . The book of amos introduction: “amos, a jew, but prophesying (bc 776-763) in the northern kingdom (amos 1:1 7:14-15) exercised his ministry during the reign.

The book of amos is the earliest of the book of the twelve prophets, and is relevant today, as it addresses social injustice, so prevalent in our world. The book of amos amos was a sheepbreeder of tekoa in judah, who delivered his oracles in the northern kingdom during the prosperous reign of jeroboam ii (786–746 bc) he prophesied in israel at the great cult center of bethel, from which he was finally expelled by the priest in charge of this royal sanctuary ( 7:10 – 17 ). The purpose of the book of amos was to announce god’s holy judgment on the kingdom of israel (the northern kingdom), call them to repentance, and to turn from their self-righteous sins and idolatry god raised up the prophet amos, as an act of his great mercy to a people who repeatedly shunned and .

Book of amos

One need but read the book of amos to see that he expects doom to come upon foreign nations, that he foretells the wickedness of the jews and their coming doom, showing how the nation is to be dissolved and sold into captivity and that he predicts the glory and greatness of the messianic kingdom. The book of amos amos was a sheepbreeder of tekoa in judah, who delivered his oracles in the northern kingdom during the prosperous reign of jeroboam ii (786–746 bc). This is the holy book of amos, known simply as amos the recording is dramatized, from the king james bible this is, in my opinion, the best and most beau.

Book of amos slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising if you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. 1 outline of the book of amos “you only have i know of all the families of the earth: therefore i will visit upon you all your iniquities” amos 3:2.

The book of amos has 11 ratings and 4 reviews samuel said: really good commentary on the book of amos there are a few choices he makes in his exegesis . Watch our read scripture video on the book of amos, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought in this book, amos accuses isr. Author: amos 1:1 identifies the author of the book of amos as the prophet amos date of writing: the book of amos was likely written between 760 and 753 bc purpose of writing: amos is a shepherd and a fruit picker from the judean village of tekoa when god calls him, even though he lacks an . The book of amos, the third of the twelve (minor) prophets, has been one of the most significant and influential books of the bible from the time it was written (8th century bce) down to the 20th century comprising only nine chapters of oracles, it was the book is a collection of individual .

book of amos Summary the book of amos, which is the earliest of the prophetic writings to be preserved in book form, consists of nine chapters not all of the material found.
Book of amos
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